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:Resident Evil Shorts: Claire Gets Her Hair Cut by IcySilver-Kistune
:Resident Evil Shorts: Claire Gets Her Hair Cut
The sudden snipping of scissors on hair came to a stop, and Claire felt, more than saw, the cape covering her body being lifted off as well as clawed hands making some last minute adjustments to her hair before they went away. Although the young new demon could not see him, she could hear the smiling laughter in her friend's voice as he grinned from ear to ear.

"You're all good to go Red....but don't open your eyes just yet..." The other red headed demon quickly added then chuckled when the young woman slouched in her seat with a groan,"Seeing as the others might be in my room by now, I guess they can see your 'new hairdo' too..." he mumbled quietly.

While that may have been too quiet for anyone else, Claire easily caught his words with her sensitive hearing and nodded in response. "Yeah, I don't see why not..." she sighed. Her nerves were all over the place and no matter how much she wanted to ignore Ruican and open her eyes to see herself in the bathroom mirror, Claire knew that the man behind her with would give her a look and scold her...and quite possibly pull her horns for added measure and she hated that!

'Damn it all! I hate waiting!' she crossed her arms with a pout, knowing that she probably looked like a child that had gotten his or her toy taken away now, and brooded quietly in her seat.

Ruican raised a brow at Claire and scoffed at the scene before picking up some of the red hair pieces off the floor and throwing them in the trash near the toilet. 'I'll clean that up later' he mentally filed it and put the thought aside before taking the black rolling chair and moving both it and Claire to his bedroom.

Once inside, he immediately made a beeline towards the body mirror sitting near the wall as well as where his three friends were at, sitting down and watching a movie.

"Hey guys!" He whistled, grabbing their attention, and then said quietly to Claire, "You can open them now."

Claire, inwardly cheered with a whoop, and opened her eyes.

Everything went dead silent, including the movie that was muted and paused, as Claire blinked and stared wide-eyed at her reflection in the mirror. However, she wasn't the only one that was shocked into silence.

"Well...what do you think Claire? Like it? Hate?" it was obvious to everyone in the room how much arrogance oozed out of Ruican's mouth. It was as if he was daring them to say regards to his work, but they were unsure of that the moment.

"I-I-It's........I..........Ruican, you......." Claire's quiet stuttering trailed off as a small blush appeared on her cheeks, remarking and loving the way how her now short locks slightly framed her face in a cute way.

"Well I'll be damn Ruican. Not only can you cook and bake, but you can also cut hair and at the same time match the skills equivalent to shop barbers who do hair, either for a living or not, on a daily basis? I'm impressed..." Aliziana said, shocked. However, it soon wore off and she turned her attention to the redhead, still sitting in the chair, with a small smile, "Claire. You a good way I mean. It's nice."

"Aside from Liz's long input there, I agree with her. You look awesome and so adorably cute Claire. Don't cha think Jire?" Olivia cheekily grinned and said that last part to Jiremuno, who was right next to her and immediately turned red in embarrassment. 

"W-W-What?!" the flustered young green-blue haired man blurted out.

A small argument broke out between the two while Aliziana scooted away from them with a sigh and the two red heads sweat dropped yet watched the scene with slight amusement.

This took me so long to finish, but it's finally done. I wanted Claire to interact with a few of my OCs so why not do a screenshot-like picture with a small story scene added to it? :D Also, they're all wearing casual clothes and not their normal attire. Plus, this is the first time you get guys get to see Ruican's hair in all of its long glory. Looks different, doesn't he? :XD:

And, I wanted to at first add Wesker somewhere in here but thought about it more carefully and realized 'why the hell would he be hanging out with these guys?' so I scrapped the idea and left it like this. Besides, I really don't see where else he could fit into the picture.

Anyway, enjoy the screenshot picture thingy or whatever...yeah ^^;
P.S. Just to let you guys know, the story's writing and dialouge wasn't thought out beforehand or anything. All of this was typed out on the fly :icondragonxpplz:

Claire Redfield (c) Resident Evil/Capcom
Olivia Valiska, Aliziana Snowe, Jiremuno Yukisou, and Ruican Chavez (c) Me
Artwork (c) Me 

Devious Entry

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 4, 2011, 5:06 PM
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Yeesh, it's been so long since I wrote a journal. Last year was it? Eh who cares...

Well I have nothing interesting going on at this moment, although I am feeling a little anxious because I go back to school on Monday. Oh joy. >.>
At least I'm taking one class this summer semester and I think it's about three and a half hours long. Makes me feel happy because I don't have to do much this time.

And now I have an annoucement to say.









I'm glad I finally gotten that out of my system :D

Since I got nothing else to say I'll end it here...
Until next time my peeps! ~

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